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( Photo supplied by Cliff Schaeffer - Microflight Photography 09-372 7860 )


To protect & conserve the natural habitat of Te Matuku Point as an enduring feature of the local landscape: facilitating regeneration & controlling weeds, restoring bush cover, expanding exisiting native plant communities & increasing diversity through species enhancement.


Being in close proximity to various reserves, Te Matuku Point has strategic significance: ecologically it's an important green corridor for native birds; aesthetically it's a strong feature at the head of Te Matuku Bay. The objective of this restoration project is to ensure these ingredients consolidate & mature.


The last reported scrub burn-off was in 1975, while grazing of the area only ceased in 1987. Pioneer clearance removed much of the original forest: old established trees survive now only as individuals or in small isolated pockets. The majority of the bush cover is regenerating scrub & shrublands.


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